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Nov 5, 2016Media

Have you ever considered taking a booze break? Here is what I told 24 Hours Toronto!

Story: One reporter decided to try a health challenge and take a break from alcohol to see the effects it would have on his body.

As the featured nutrition expert and registered dietitian for this front page story, here is what I told him about the health benefits of taking a booze break!

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24 Hours Toronto Cover Story

Should you take a booze break before the holidays? Story on Page 4!

So, to answer the front page question… why is it so hard to take a booze break?

We are all human beings [and want to fit in]. You will probably get invited to holiday parties where there will be alcohol (in other words, there will be peer pressure to drink).

What are some of the health benefits of taking a booze break?

Alcoholic drinks contain more calories than most people think (this is also because there is no nutrition labeling on alcohol). One of the more immediate benefits from taking a beer break for a few weeks is you will probably notice your jeans fit looser and your belt fits tighter.

Longer term health benefits of quitting alcohol for a month can help to prevent diabetes and liver disease, including seeing benefits in blood pressure, liver function and cholesterol levels, based on a recent UK study from The University College London.

What can I have to drink instead of alcohol?

If you’re still looking to sip on something at bars or clubs, ask the bartender for a mocktail. You can even request a ‘half-sweet version which is even healthier, or you can drink a mixture of juice and soda water.

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If you’re avoiding alcohol, as for a mocktail or a half-sweet version of a mocktail (often extra sugar is added to cocktails to minimize the taste of alcohol). Or opt for juice with soda water!

Have you ever tried going sober? What was your experience? Let me know in the comments below!

Please Note: If you think you might be struggling with alcohol addiction, please check out the Ontario Drug and Alcohol Helpline at 1-800-565-8603 or their website here.

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