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Nov 23, 2016Media

 Have you ever heard of the Undiet approach to eating? As a registered dietitian, most people think what I do is put clients on a diet, which is simply not true.

As a health professional, my role is to assess clients to see whether or not the food or nutrition information they believe in is helpful to them or harmful to them.

I then work to see how I can help address nutrition and eating issues.

In this November-December issue of Best Health Magazine, I am quoted on a 3-page spread about the Undiet approach to eating.

In short, “ There are a number of benefits to eating this way, but one of the biggest is that it helps do away with feeling guilt or shame about what you eat. Instead of cutting out certain foods or food groups that are usually associated with traditional dieting, the undiet approach cultivates a positive relationship with food and focuses on food as nourishment for the body.”

I also discuss other food and nutrition trends, such as jackfruit, full-fat dairy, seaweed and bone broth! If you subscribe to Best Health Magazine, check out pages 71-74 for the whole story!

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