Happy National Agriculture Day!

As someone who grew up in the Toronto suburbs, I didn’t grow up knowing much about where my food came from.

I also didn’t know very much about farming.

Nor did I know anything about the intricacies of how food travelled from the farm to table.

But I was always curious.

As a teenager, I was obsessed with the Nintendo 64 video game on farming called Harvest Moon. It was about as accurate (and cartoonish) as it could have been about farm life in a digital video game.


Fair use, Link

But I loved it.

It was my favourite video game (funny how it was a game about farming), but I actually knew nothing about real farming. It was also too hard to beat!

Hmm. I guess I always had a thing for learning about farming!

Flash forward into my adult life, I had the opportunity to visit a few farms on a Be Well Camp trip to Manitoba, (now known as #CanolaConnect). And WOW. My horizons broadened. There is so much that I didn’t know, so much that had changed from what I thought was real farming. Also so much I was wrong about based on what I learned from the pixelated world of hoeing and feeding my livestock in Harvest Moon. I wrote a blog post about a city girl like me on the farm.


Attempting to look cool under the big blue sky in a field of wheat!

I am so excited that today is National Agriculture Day. Today, we should thank farmers for all the hard work they do to feed the growing 36 million people in Canada. Actually, we should thank a farmer every time we eat – because without them, we would not have food!

Canada’s Agriculture Day on February 16, 2017 is a day when everyone can come together to celebrate the business of Canadian agriculture. It’s a time to showcase all the amazing things happening in the industry and create a closer connection between consumers, our food and the people who produce it. To celebrate, I’m inviting you as a consumer to ask questions on Canadian food and agriculture. Use #CdnAgDay to take part in the discussion!

I feel it’s important as a registered dietitian and a nutrition communicator that consumers learn how and where their food is produced. How will you celebrate Canada’s Agriculture Day? Join the conversation with me!