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As the weather gets warmer and more spring-like, most of us will think about getting more physical activity outdoors. With more time and energy spent outside doing active things, you might notice when you need to re-fuel. This is after a long afternoon gardening or playing tennis with your buddies (not that I do either of these activities)!

Anyway, this post will give you easy and portable snack ideas and tips for outdoor activities to keep hunger at bay.

Nourishing snacks are important to help you avoid becoming HANGRY in between meals.


HANGRY: Hungry + Angry = An unpleasant feeling for yourself and others around you caused by extreme hunger, which leads to irritability and crankiness.


SNACK #1: Hard Boiled Eggs

I love eggs because they have 6 g of protein (which is egg-cellent) with all 9 essential amino acids. Protein not only helps in muscle recovery after exercise, but research shows that it helps you stay full longer. There is evidence that protein activates satiety hormone release, which is strongly tied with fullness.

Eggs are also sources of vitamin D, vitamin B12, phosphorus and riboflavin and leucine (important for protein synthesis and eye health).

You can read more about egg nutrition here.

Packing Tip


Pack peeled, boiled eggs into small containers for a portable snack.

SNACK #2: Nut Butter on a Whole-Grain Tortilla


This super-easy protein rich snacks will only take you a few seconds to put together. Spread 2 tablespoons of nut or soy butter on a small whole grain tortilla and fold and roll it up. You can cut it into little pieces held together with toothpicks like I did to make them fit into a small container.

SNACK #3: Fruit and Nuts


A piece of fruit and small handful of nuts makes a great pick-me-up snack. Apples are great because the fructose (natural fruit sugar) give a good energy boost. When combined with a small handful of nuts (just the palm of one hand – about ¼ cup), the protein and fibre help slows down the absorption of glucose making you feel full longer. The fibre in the apple will also help you feel satiated.

Packing Tip

Pack portion controlled nuts and the apple into small bags or containers to make it a portable snack!

SNACK #4: Nutribar Health Bars



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Nutribar Health Bars in Date & Walnut and Date & Peanut Bars are gluten and lactose free bars without any added sugar. They are also kosher, without any added preservatives. They have been sweetened with dates, which have been shown to be low on the glycemic index.


I like these bars because you don’t get a laundry list of ingredients that comes with many bars I see on the market. There are only 6 ingredients: dates, raisins, walnuts, sunflower seeds and peanuts. I also recommend them because the combination of the fruit and nuts makes them quite filling – great for a healthy snack! You can find them at Loblaws, with the price range around $2.

Note: The TV segment was partially sponsored by Nutribar, however I was not compensated to write this blog post. All opinions are my own and are genuine.

SNACK #5: Healthy Home-made Granola

I love homemade granola, because I can control the ingredients I put into it, unlike the kinds you buy pre-made at the grocery store. I like granola as a portable healthy snack because you can enjoy it with a milk of your choice, in yogurt or on its own. I made my own tasty granola here.

Shopping Tips

Be careful with store-bought granola however, because it isn’t always healthy. Some are very high in added sugar and fat. When shopping for your own, look for less than 10 g of sugar, at least 5 g of fibre and less than 8 g of fat.

Snacking Tips

Make you own portable snack by combining plain Greek yogurt, granola and fruit into a small jar. Pack with a spoon and you have a healthy, balanced snack ready to enjoy!
Or portion your granola into small plastic bags or reusable containers. You have healthy snacks ready to go!

Watch the TV segment below!


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