RECIPE :: Family-Friendly Strawberry Santas Recipe for the Holidays

Dec 11, 2017Recipes

Don’t we look cute and tasty?! Let this be the next recipe you make with kids… or for kids at heart!This is what these Strawberry Santas would say if they could talk. In fact they would, except I never gave them mouths. Although doesn’t this look like an album cover? I grew up with CDs (that makes me an old-er millennial) and these Strawberry Santas definitely look like they belong on a CD cover. Or vinyl 😉

I love getting kids in the kitchen. It teaches them basic cooking and food preparation skills, fundamentals for life! Home Economics was one of my favourite courses in school, and I am sad it is no longer apart of the required curriculum in school. Whenever I get to teach children about food and cooking in my education job, I feel immensely satisfied. It’s one of the best things I do!

When cooking with kids: Make it cute, easy and fun. The healthy part isn’t quite necessary. That can come later! I usually like to start with something fun, like chocolate chip cookies. Although in this recipe, we are making something simpler than cookies, requires no heat at all: Strawberry Santas! Strawberries are high in the antioxidant vitamin C, they make a great snack and  are versatile to be used in a number of dishes.

RECIPE :: Strawberry Santas


10 Strawberries
1 Banana – use ones that are slightly under ripe for better consistency
1 Tube Black Gel Icing
3 Tablespoons white icing (the store bought one is fine)




  1. For strawberries: Wash pat dry and remove the tops. Slice ¼ off the bottom. Pat both sides dry with a paper towel.
  2. For banana: Slice into coins, about ¼” thick.


  1. Arrange banana coin onto bottom slice of strawberry.
  2. Using a toothpick or chopstick (haha), place a bit of icing in between the bottom slice of strawberry and banana. This is Santa’s beard.
  3. Arrange the top of the strawberry (the hat) on the banana coin.
  4. Using gel icing, draw on two dots on the banana for eyes.

Michelle’s Note: Don’t make these too far in advance, because the bananas will start to brown. If the hat slides off the face and body, secure with a toothpick!

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