RECIPE ::  Holiday Wreath Veggie Platter

Dec 18, 2017Recipes

Not your average veggie dip tray, this one is a wreath! Veggie platter make an appearance at most parties, but why not make it festive and fun?I find people like to eat things that look good, so this is a way to get people to eat more vegetables, balancing out all the heavy meals that appear during the holidays.For the vegetable dip, make one with Greek yogurt. It’s lower in fat than most ready-to-eat veggie dips and high in protein!

RECIPE ::  Holiday Wreath Veggie Platter


For the Wreath:

2 broccoli heads, washed with florets removed
1/4 a yellow bell pepper
1/4 a orange bell pepper
1/2  a red bell pepper
10 slices cucumbers
¼ cup pitted green olives
¼ cup pitted black olives

For the Dip:

1 ½ cup plain Greek Yogurt (I like one with 2% fat)
½ teaspoon dried chives
¾ teaspoon parsley
¼ teaspoon each onion and garlic powder
Salt and Pepper to taste.


For the Wreath:

  1. Place a small bowl in the centre of a large dinner plate. I use a small glass container, or a small rice bowl (hahaha).
  2. Using broccoli florets, arrange around the dinner plate.
  3. Decorate with cucumber slices, colourful peppers and olives. These are the ornaments.
  4. Create a bow using kitchen scissors and a red bell pepper, and you have a Christmas-y veggie dish!

For the Wreath:

Mix everything together, with exception of the salt and pepper. Add salt and pepper at the end to taste.


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